Who We Are



Joseph Martinez, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Martinez is an immunologist whose career has been devoted to development of laboratory correlates of protection for respiratory disease vaccine development and licensure support. He has authored >20 scientific communications including 3 successful patent applications, lectures, and peer-reviewed publications.


Joseph has successfully developed laboratory assays used in numerous clinical trials, new vaccine development, therapeutics, and laboratory diagnostic applications, particularly in pneumococcal applications. He has a demonstrated track record of successful laboratory diagnostic/assay development, management of clinical trials for small drugs, conjugate therapeutics, and vaccines to a number of infectious agents.

Recently Published Paper: Impact Of PCV13 Vaccination On Pneumococcal Colonization In Mother-Infant Pairs

Socrates Choumbakos

Chief Financial Officer

Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Socrates Choumbakos is responsible for day-to-day business dealings, business relationships with clients, and all the company’s licensing, partnering and other contractual arrangements. He is our main point of contact for clients’ purchase orders, vendor qualification requirements, issuance of quotations, and billing.

Previously with Becton Dickinson and UroCor, Inc., Soc has extensive experience in both private and public companies in corporate development activities and finance. His background is founded in strategic development and evaluation, structuring and negotiating strategic alliances and acquisitions, and capital formation.